The Guide:

Welcome to Pickle “The Social Plug” that allows you to reach out through a job post and connects you to people genuinely interested in helping you achieve something you want/need/desire.

Regardless of how small/big, outrageous/trivial, simple or complex.

We want Pickle to always be a trust-driven community, which is why we need your help. These guidelines let you know whats OK and what’s not in the app.

We take your safety extremely seriously and we’re here to help if you have any concerns or issues with someone. You can contact us directly at


What do I need to be aware of?

First Things First…



Bullying sucks end of. Online or in the real world. The sheer reach of social media means that you may receive some negative/hating comments, dislikes or even feel pressured into doing things you wouldn’t usually. We want users to respect each other- we ask that you think carefully before you post a comment, could it offend or embarrass someone?

We have a no tolerance policy of bullying, please report any incidents where you feel you have been bullied in-app or email us at



Unfortunately, some people get a rise of pretending to be someone else online. In some extreme cases, adults set up fake profiles just so they can target young people for sexual reasons. It’s hard to tell if someone is catfishing you or if they may have ulterior motives for talking to you. We binged out on a load of MTV’s Catfish and came up with these possible tell-signs…

Does the person always know the right thing to say and wants to build a friendship really quickly?

Do they pay a huge amount of attention to you, shower you with compliments and even offer to buy you gifts Have they talked to you about sex and/or asked you to share nude photos or asked you to send videos?

Do they suggest that you keep your friendship a secret?

They never agree to show their face in real time (Facetime or Skype)? Have they threatened you or try to blackmail you Displayed any of these traits and keep saying they want to meet up ALWAYS Trust your instincts.

If you’re suspicious of anyone you’ve spoken to on Pickle, please contact us immediately at

Don’t worry Snitching is all good in this case, you won’t get into any trouble and it’s never your fault.



It is important that you treat and speak to others, how you would want to be treated or spoken to. Never threaten or intimidate other people on the app Do not post jobs that aim to threaten to harm a person, group of people or property Do not post anything that would be considered discriminatory to other users sexist,  racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way to other users religion or sexual orientation. Some other Stuff we thought you should know Don’t agree to meet someone in person until you’ve gotten a good vibe of who they are. Our app also has a brief my buddy feature: which allows you nominated a friend to track your whereabouts.

Be proud of who you are and what you’re all about, we want you to find people who big you up for the person that you are rather than put you down.


Job Post No No’s

Please don’t post any jobs or upload any pics/vids to Pickle that contain Nude images of yourself or others Pornographic or sexually explicit content Images of others without seeking their permission Job posts that advertise unlawful activities (shotting) or sexual services Posts promoting eating disorders or encouraging other forms of self-injury such as cutting If you break any of these rules, we will contact you to explain why your behaviour isn’t acceptable and may then delete the offending content and if necessary remove your profile.